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Give us a call at 302.422.5470 and we'll get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Thank you for catching the bug !!




This Ladybug Pin from Pin Art is accented with silver and has a handsome design. The Ladybug Pin could be the perfect accessory to your next outfit.


This Ladybug Ring has red jewels, a silver stretch band to help accommodate any size. The Ladybug Ring has the right about of bling and style to be the perfect accessory.


These fancy bears come in three different styles - cream - burgandy - and tapestry. Please indicate which bear you would like in your order.

These bears have been discontinued - please make your selection soon.


Original Ladybug artwork created and signed by local artist David Rule. This is a one of a kind hanging decorative slate piece. Makes a wonderful addition to any room or deck area.

(measures 10"wx12"h and weighs apprx 3lbs) 


The Ladybug Decorative To My Wife purse is the perfect gift for your wife. The decorative ladybug purse measures 4"x4". The ladybug purse reads, "To my wife, you'll always mean the world to me; the center of my life; my love for you exceeds mere words, you are the perfect wife."


Whimsical 3D Ladybug Bookmark.  Measures 6" x 2".  Catch The Bug!!! 


Ladybug Jumper Set - 18 months and 24 months only


Jingle Bells Bear - part of the Bearington Bear Collection - is a musical bear and will play jingle bells for you.


This handpainted glass Ladybug Windchime has an extended string with a hanging bell (not shown). It is a perfect addition to any garden or deck. The Ladybug Windchime measures from hook to bell - 36 inches.


This Ladybugs Suncatcher Windchime measures 18 inches and is a light weight whimsical addition to any deck, garden or window.


Ladybug wall mounted solar thermometer with solar LED light


Mothers are a gift from above James 1:17 green fabric apron with ladybug pattern.

28"H X 36"W.


Ladybug Earbuds - earphone - a cool electroic accessory for you and your kids!


This Ladybug Hanging Garden Basket is 14" in diameter, it has a sturdy inner lining that insulates teh roots allowing the plants to grow healthier. The Ladybug Hanging Basket is collapsible for easy storage, has a built-in drainage system and a three point hanging system that supporst 25 lbs.


This Ladybug Bell Chime has a whimsical hook as well as Ladybug design. The bell at the bottom just finishes off the entire look to make this Ladybug Bell Chime the perfect addition to any garden.


These one of a kind bookmarks are sold separately - they are silver markers with Ladybug and gem charms.

Please indicate which bookmark you'd like by placing - Green Bead - Red Bead or Clear Bead in the note section of your order.


These NEW Ladybug Dinner Plates are the perfect accessory for your next picnic, birthday or social gathering. Each package comes with eight 10 1/4"  round plates with ladybugs that match the lunch plates and cups.


Ladybug Thermos and Insulated Food Jar is stainless steel with an easy twist off top. The perfect accessory for your students lunch box.


Ladybug String of Christmas Lights - has 10 Ladybug Lights and are great for the tree, garland or around your patio.


This whimiscal Ladybug planter would be a cute addition to any garden, deck or room. It's googlie eyes just add to it's appeal.


This Ladybug Birdhouse is 4 inches high and 8 inches long - it's whimsical design is the perfect addition to any garden.

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